Sunday, 1 February 2009


There's nothing like an acrid, piss-coloured bottle of three-quid wine to round off a long day at work, or so I am telling myself to avoid crying into it (again) as I look out of the window at the fucking snow (snow is rain but about 100% colder, you Hallmark-poem asshole, stop believing the hype). Just kidding (about the crying, I am deathly serious about the snow)!

The reason I'm poorer than ever is because I am saving for things which I consider to be essentials according to that incredibly skewed logic that you've always found so Goddamn charming about me; there is a lamp in our lounge which has been missing a bulb for three fucking months, but instead I am concentrating all of my vital energy into things like looking for the perfect fur coat (in my defense, have you noticed that it is SNOWING LIKE FUCK outside? Seriously, take a look.)I saw a pretty good vintage faux-lynx one on my lunchbreak in Camden today, but if you know of somewhere in London that I can get a cheap fur coat which looks like one of these:
 Holla, and I will reward you appropriately; if I know blog readers as well as I do then you're all chicks anyway, so my usual currency has little or no weight here. Maybe I could offer you a pony. You guys like that shit, right?

 It's two weeks until Valentines day, so if you're not a smug jerkoff you might want to spend the 13th getting trashed at the Macbeth with me so you can use the Big V to sleep it off. I'm going back to the countryside this week to check out my parents' new kitten (I know, I'm a total pussy). Better go and pack something more respectable than a Cambridge Rapist t-shirt. 'Slates.


Anonymous said...

i haven't expected it to be that much fun down here really.
but i do imagine there are cooler places on this earth.
keex... ahaha. you know her in person?

Philippa Snow said...

Nah, just needed a picture of someone in a patchy fur coat, innit? Did used to like Commanechi a lot a couple of years back, though - reading the blog reminded me that I lost the t-shirt I had, which troubles me.

SJ said...

it's surprisingly difficult to find a decent faux fur coat coz they either cost waay too much or feel like's gotta be soft feeling in my opinion. i'm enjoying the work for me today. hell yes.

Philippa Snow said...

I am not snow's biggest fan today. I mean, sure, everything looks gorgeous, but my chances of getting a train today as planned are approximately fuck-all. Cheers, nature.

dandy gum said...

bonnie (my little) pony shit everywhere yes
rainbows and bunnies to boot

lucy said...

i showed you a coat like that last one on ebay! (cat face). also, i AM going with you to pre-valentines (might bring out that old surly favoruite though), tell me something new augustus xx

July Stars said...

Instead of going to work I ended up on the Heath with a sledge!

Anonymous said...

theres a place in camden market which sells cheap furs. ive bought 3 from there. cant remember what its called though. it has an upstairs and is shit except for its fur coats. all of which i got for a tenner.

the one anna is wearing (3rd picture) is actually sandys which i think her stripper mum gave her. its real little bunnies.

white lightning said...

dearest philippa,
my crotch was thoroughly covered.

and i love maybe luv maybe lerve your blog.

kindest regards,

FOXYMAN said...

isn't london like always fucking freezing? i don't get it... how much is it snowing exactly?