Tuesday, 24 February 2009



I've moved, guys. Sorry to fuck up your links - I'm a terrible person.

(I'll start updating the new blog soon, but I have three magazine articles on the go right now and I am just not used to hard graft! The wordpress one is going to have shorter, more frequent entries,and maybe more fashiony shit, but it'll probably have just as many "fuck"s and idiot jokes, so don't start worrying that it'll be like when Dylan went electric, or when Bowie got his teeth done, or something. How will you cope without my foul mouth until then? Maybe try watching The Sopranos. Or that rap that Limp Bizkit did where they said fuck 36 times. Remember that? 

Uh, no. Me neither, man. Me neither.)

Seriously, guys. Change my link! I mean, I'm SO MUCH BETTER now. I haven't managed to quit the innuendo, but still. It looks nicer.

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