Sunday, 7 December 2008


I am feeling a pretty strong desire to throw on an overpriced drug rug and make like some kind of wanky Hoxton druid every time I look at this Lindsay Thornburg cloak, although to be honest I'd rather have it in black and go for a kind of "remember that time when Nico went all gothy and mental and we all nervously ignored the fact that she was, you know, a fucking racist?" vibe. Sometimes I think it's probably a good idea to throw out all the different "fashion identities" you've been collecting and just go with "wizard" for a while, especially because it opens up the possibility of making a ton of "wizard sleeve" jokes, and who doesn't dig those?

Am getting up at the crack tomorrow to go and hang my work, so seriously, fuck my life. But on the plus side, I just got in on the whole peep-toe boot thing about twelve months too late and they are killing me in the best possible way.  

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