Tuesday, 9 December 2008


To celebrate our collective fabulousness and our shared interest in getting MARRIED ASAP!, Lucy, Katie and I devoted monday evening to watching Slutty, Dykey, Horsey & Prim: The Movie, and thanks a fucking bunch, HBO, because that is two hours and twenty minutes of my life I'll never get back again. And while we're on the subject, a belt over a bare midriff (I removed the picture for the sake of your sanity)? I know this outfit is apparently from series 4, but seriously, what the hell, Patricia Field? The official website is trying to reassure me that the aforementioned belt is "holding its own" in that washboard wasteland, but I have news for you guys, - that thing isn't holding shit. That belt is utterly fucking superfluous and so, incidentally, are about ninety minutes of your terrible fucking film, especially the bit where the uptight one (I'm not making this up, although since everyone else saw this in 2007 or something I'm pretty sure you know that)"poughkeepsied in her pants". 

Freddie has shaved off his facial hair and now he's all ashamed and vulnerable and "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" without it, but you know what? If waking up to that every day makes me a lesbian, then you can whack me in a strap-on, put on a Lindsay Lohan album and call me Ellen DeGeneres, because I'd still hit it. 

Macbeth on saturday, Off Modern on thursday and F and I are going to see Supergrass tomorrow even though I don't really dig Supergrass (insert pun about them being "alright" here) because they are friends of his family. Yeah, that's right, we totally have connections with one of the twenty hottest bands of 1994. Don't hate the playas, man. Hate the game. Hate the game.


Anonymous said...

literally i actually LOL'd!
(id rather kill kittens than write that really but it so deserved it)

might bump into you saturday then, allthough fuck knows what you look like. ill be the miserable looking fatty in the corner looking like shes not seen daylight for 5 days and had a fever hotter than a german oven.

that reminds me of the fucker whos flat i used to get off my face in for days is opening for supergrass and i was supposed to get freebied and have heard nothing. fuckwad. oh well.

if id ever see someone wearing a belt in that position out id be able to justify a sucker punch at least.

Philippa Snow said...

I look a bit like the picture at the side of all my entries, which is to say that basically I resemble Nick Zedd in drag.

Who was the fuckwad? The only support act I saw was Jim Noir, who wasn't really my bag.

Anonymous said...

alan (yeah. jim noir)
ket/coke/JD head who doesnt shower but taught me lots of cardtricks that i was always to fucked to remember.

yes said...

i'm sure yr lesbian thing or something like it is what prompted our favourite 'look at me go!' catchphrase. and i've still never seen that belt!

Philippa Snow said...

Alright, man, you asked for it. Remember that when you realise how much your eyes are hurting: