Wednesday, 19 November 2008


So I just saw this polaroid on (which, I'll be honest, I check pretty obsessively) and I'm thinking it should probably just become my fucking ethos from this day forward; up yours, Dali Llama! Swivel on it, Buddah! Take a hike, Jesus, because from now on I'm taking all my moral and philosophical cues from a small Asian dude whose surname is a synonym for "penis"! I'm really into Alexander Wang, but sometimes I think it's because I'm deeply immature and I enjoy the chance to say things like "I'm so stoked on Wang" and "I'm really feeling Wang lately" in polite conversation. 

F got a really 70s haircut and a porno 'stache yesterday, and my initial reaction was that I would not be feeling any wang for a considerably long time, if you know what I'm saying, but now I'm starting to dig it; I mean, what lucky woman doesn't want to live her life feeling like it's perpetually the 70s and someone - possibly a plumber, although given the reliability of our apartment's maintenance man, I sincerely doubt he would arrive in time for the sex to start - is  going to undo their belt to the sound of slide guitar any minute?

(Maybe I'll shave him in his sleep)


Anonymous said...

MERDE! is that your man??
haha id jump him instead of plotting demonic shaveings.

my word verfication spelled wayne. i dont know if thats funny but usually its just idhfk. once it spelled fag

Philippa Snow said...

It sure is - full-time sexpot, and now apparently part-time George Harrison impersonator if the moustache is to be believed. It's growing on me, it has to be said.

I think "Wayne" is fairly awesome because of its Wayne's World connotations, but "Wang" would hve been even better. B-, word verification. Must try harder.