Friday, 8 August 2008


Recieved the terrible news this morning that my "fantasy horse" t-shirt was permanently out of stock and was so hormonal that I nearly sobbed. Figured it should be like replacing a dead dog and immediately ordered another Margiela "homage" from Topshop Boutique which has padded shoulders and is 89% sure to make me look like a deeply homophobic New Yorker cartoon of a lesbian, but regardless of this situation I really dig it and I'm pretty sure that's all that matters, especially now that I'm moving in with Fred and have no need to be alluring for at least the next academic year (burn).

Freddie's gone to play his festival gig so I am pretty much just eating painkillers and bumming around the house alone. It's a real pity for him he's gone, because I read quite possibly my favourite sex tip of all time yesterday in an article about Cosmo and it's a real doozy:

"Try putting a plain ring doughnut around his erect penis and biting it off sensually" (key words in bold for emphasis)

Step aside, tantric sex, because it looks like someone has the market on mind-blowingly romantic erotica well and truly fucking covered.

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